Friday, January 13, 2012

January 13, 2012

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  • Based on our discussion during faculty meeting about recess and the use of the fields I have asked and been granted permission for you to use the fields during recess!!!!
    • Please be mindful of the need for supervision in moving from the building and playground area to the fields- especially at the end of the day when the buses begin to arrive for dismissal.
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  • Special education teachers:  please let me know next week if you plan to attend the prior notice training on Monday, January 30th or at a later date.
Central Office Visit:
During the central office instructional team visit yesteray many good discussion occurred.  We are continuing to discuss assessments as predictors of success and their reliability.  These are great discussions!  Compliments were given that teachers are becoming more specific in their questions/comments about assessments and the need for changes to answer keys.  Dr. Heard and I complimented the streamlined process of giving questions to Teresa Byers and how she has been prompt in her follow-up. 

Observations within classrooms were done and this gave the newest member, Mr. Tom Schott, a great opportunity to get a first hand view inside our elementary classrooms.  Each person noted that students were engaged and working hard.

The next scheduled visit for the CO instructional team is on Valentine's Day- February 14th!  If you have something in particular you would like for us to observe please let me know...


This is a video clip that I found and thought you would enjoy!  It is a great look at how our students are seeking and absorbing information and challenges us to examine our teaching to see how we are meeting them where they are. 

It is funny how my early mornings at school can bring meaningful conversations.  I just spoke with a parent who has a middle school child.  I was the assistant principal at TJ when the child moved into the division.  During those years at TJ the young man began reading for the first time.  The parents did not know he had problems before coming to Louisa.  I distinctly remember when the light bulb came on and this child began seeing how letters form words and how words form sentences, and so on.  The excitement for the child and the family was huge!  The child was in 2nd grade and is now in 6th.  The parents are crediting the honor roll success their child is experiencing to the teachers!  No greater compliment can there be than having a parent say, "You are the one the made a difference!  Thank-you!"  You all make a difference every day in student's lives and for that I say "Thank-you!!!"

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  1. It was a great video. 21st century skills should be the focus of teaching/learning.